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Kamilla 18 - Most People Will Never Be Great At Mpl Studios Galleries. Read Why

Kamilla 18 - Most People Will Never Be Great At Mpl Studios Galleries. Read Why

Joe was about to cum so my husband asked him if he would like a chance to fuck me. Of course he did! They traded positions. I eagerly took my husband into my mouth while Joe went to town on my pussy. I love staring into my husband's eyes in between breaths of taking him deep in my throat while my pussy tingling from being fucked. Joe picked up the pace and held my hips tight as he began to cum relentlessly moan

Background: This friend, we will call him Joe, has been my husband's life long friend. In the past, the 3 of us have spent a lot of time together. He is the type to come over on Friday night and not leave until Sunday. He's always admired my body and my husband has always enjoyed showing me off to Joe. Throughout the years, I've flashed him, shared dirty pictures, and I'm sure countless times he's listened to my husband and I fuck in the next r

Not 5 minutes after leaving them on the balcony, they came inside and said they both were going to give me a massage. My husband instructed me to turn over on my stomach and removed my tshirt leaving my ass exposed in my thong. I felt them both laying on each side of me rubbing their hands up and down the length of my body. My husband took the lead, spreading my legs to rub my pussy eventually getting the thongs off. I turned over, keeping my eyes closed enjoying the sensations. Joe sucked on my nipples while my husband played with my pussy remarking how wet I was. He told Joe to taste me. He crawled to the end of the bed and began to enjoy my wetness. My husband pulled me over to his side of the bed taking his turn tasting my juices while Joe continued to fondle

More recently, my husband shared me with Joe in a bondage scene. My husband and I had been fantasizing about me being tied up and blindfolded on the bed with 2 men there to pleasure me. About a month ago, this fantasy became a reality. I had no idea what was about to happen. I was already in bed ready to sleep when my husband came home and started kissing me while tying me to the bed. He covered my eyes, turned on the wand, placed it on my clit and left the room briefly. Next thing you know, I could feel 2 sets of hands exploring my body from head to toe, licking and kissing every inch of my immobilized body. Long story short, they both controlled me like a puppet forcing me into orgasm after orgasm. My husband later told me that I was levitating over the bed. Joe left before I was untied, I never saw him but I knew it was

The guys dressed and went to the lobby for snacks. My husband and Joe had a few minutes to share how hot taking turns fucking me and watching me is. I know that erotic beautiful women is my husband's favorite part. Afterall, half the fun of sharing your wife is hearing how desirable she is! The next morning, my husband and I were back at it recounting our memories while making love. Joe and my husband had a few private moments again Sunday reliving our 3 some. Even Monday they are still talking about sharing me. I have included a few text that my husband sent me about their conversation. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed fucking them b

Fast forward after a night at the bar, the 3 of us returned to our hotel room and continued drinking on the balcony. Again my husband suggested I would be more comfortable without my shorts. He was right so I returned outside in just my tshirt that just came to my waist. Joe struggled to continue normal conversation while looking at me casually sitting with my legs propped up on the balcony. He made a few comments about how sexy I looked but he is far too shy to make any moves without explicit permission from french nude girl my husband. I eventually grew tired of the teasing and told them I was going to sl

My husband flipped me over doggystyle on the bed as he was ready to feel for himself how on the edge I was. This left me in the perfect position to suck Joe's dick which I couldn't resist. After all these years, I had never actually touched him so he was in heaven moaning and pulling my hair back to watch his cock disappear in my mouth. The view must have been amazing with my husband fucking me from behind as I moaned on his d

This nude girl driving weekend: We are all out of town together staying in a hotel but in separate rooms. As I mentioned previously, my husband likes to show me off. Saturday morning, the 2 guys went to the store while I finished getting ready for the day. My husband laid out a shirt and thongs on the bed and instructed me to only be wearing those when they returned. Being an obedient slutwife, I complied. I loved their wide eyes and rock hard art of erotica bulges as I pranced around the room finishing up getting ready. My husband looked on cloud 9 getting to show mw off wondering how far I would take things. Joe was clearly on edge watching my every move as he timidly remarked how sexy I looked as I passed by. So I bent over to give them a better view of my pussy before finally putting on my shorts. We were late for an event so we had to get going. We left as they were both adjusting their bon