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Synopsis:  Leaf loves spring.  He doesn't want it to ever end.  But spring must give way to summer and then to autumn's fiery beauty.  As autumn prepares to make way for winter, Leaf's friends urge him to travel away with them.  But Leaf has other ideas.

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Reviews of Leaf

Leaf offers parents and other caregivers a wonderful way to help explore with children the fears many experience when it comes to change, especially the many changes in life that they have no control over.  Exploring things 'one step removed' through stories such as Leaf can be much less threatening and more effective for children of all ages.  Equally important, the beautiful and gentle imagery in Leaf can help children hold on to the precious memories of important things in their lives that they may have lost, while at the same time having the courage to look towards the future and the joys it may hold.  My own children loved this story and I intend to read it to my clients.

Sue McIntosh, MA, CCC, Healing Hooves Equine Facilitated Counselling

Reading Leaf the first time caught me off guard.  I was profoundly impacted by its message due to my own personal change experience at the time.  I found myself comparing this story to Oscar Wilde's The Selfish Giant.  As a child development advisor in an elementary school, I look forward to reading Leaf to the children I work with, enouraging them in their own personal walk through life's inevitable changes.

Wayne Willberg - Child Development Advisor